Cyberfish is acquired by Cofense to create the ultimate phishing protection solution
The combination of Cofense's Human Intelligence from over 26 million people reporting suspected phish and Cyberfish's Computer Vision and AI-based protection technology eliminates the need for costly, slow-to-deploy, legacy email security solutions. See the press release

Best Anti-Phishing API For Your Application

Cyberfish combines AI and Computer Vision to detect phishing URLs in real time.

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Check whether an URL is phishing or not, with simple real-time API:
Real-Time, Restful API
Direct and Asynchronous Response
URL and EML Support

Simple and Robust

Secure your application within seconds.

Zero-Hour Detection

CyberFish detects phishing pages on-the-fly, without being dependent on blacklists or human intervention

Custom Brand Protection

Protect Your Brand From Phishing Within Few Seconds

No False Positive (Almost)

Unprecedented, low false positive rate - less than 0.001%


CyberFish API resides in cloud and provides best-in-class scalability

Simple API

Easy-to-use, secure, restful API, which can be deployed to any application

Live Dashboard

Your own dashboard with aggregated and detailed statistics

Monitoring Top Brands

We proactively monitor hundreds of top-brands to protect from impersonation. For every customer, we're also adding their own brand and brands of the companies they're working with. Adding a new brand takes less than a minute.

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Powerful Anti-Phishing for Your Application.

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