AI Based Anti-Phishing API For Your Application

Cyberfish uses AI and Computer Vision to detect phishing links in real time.

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Check if link is phishing or not, with simple restful API

Simple and Robust

Secure your application within seconds.

Zero-Hour Detection

CyberFish detects phishing pages on-the-fly, without being dependent on blacklists or human intervention

Custom Brand Protection

Protect Your Brand From Phishing Within Few Seconds

No False Positive (Almost)

Unprecedented, low false positive rate - less than 0.001%


CyberFish API resides in cloud and provides best-in-class scalability

Simple API

Easy-to-use, secure, restful API, which can be deployed to any application

Live Dashboard

Your own dashboard with aggregated and detailed statistics

Monitoring Top Brands

We proactively monitor more than 100 top-brands and constantly add new to protect our users - contact us if you would like to suggest new or add your own. Adding a new brand takes less than a minute.

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Powerful Anti-Phishing for Your Application.

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