Next Generation Anti-Phishing For Your Email and Crypto Wallets

Cyberfish emulates human "cyber-expert" behavior to detect phishing pages in real-time, on the fly

Install for Gmail

Cyberfish works seamlessly on your desktop and mobile email.

Why Cyberfish?

Because standard anti-phishing protection is not enough.

Cyberfish combines machine learning, computer vision and AI technology to quickly and accurately detect phishing attacks.

Proactive Detection

Cyberfish proactively monitors top brands identity and detects phishing pages and their variants in real time.

Real-Time Analysis

New, just created, impersonated and fake websites are detected and blocked on the fly, with our signature less technology.

In-Link Training

Non-intrusive, yet powerful in-link contextual anti-phishing awareness and training program integrated into pages navigation.

Cloud Email Integration

Seamlessly integrated with your cloud email, and protect it on any device, app and extension.

Simple Management

One click activation, zero-installation, fully automatic maintenance

Advanced Monitoring

Detailed analysis of received, scanned and detected pages, including targeted user, source, location and brand, with remedy and mitigation.

Monitoring Top Crypto Brands

We proactively monitor more than 100 top-brands and constantly add new to protect our users - contact us if you would like to suggest new or add your own. Adding a new brand takes less than a minute.

Phishing attacks are on the rise.

Close the gap with Cyberfish advanced protection


Of all crypto attacks start with phishing


Thousand crypto phishing pages created every month


Crypto enthusiasts reported being target of a phishing attacks

Don't rely on 20th century anti-phishing.
Act now.

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