Security Awareness Training Made Simple

Fully Automatic, Contextual and Highly Relevant Training, with One-Click Setup

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Based on Your Organization Undergoing Attacks
Relevant for Employee Position
Plug-N-Play Deployment with Zero Support
G-Suite, Office 365 and On-Premise Exchange

Security Awareness Training Should be Simple

Forget about spending hours preparing not effective simulation campaigns.

Cyberfish provides employees with highly relevant, contextual training based on undergoing attacks.

Super Relevant

Cyberfish automatically runs simulation campaigns, based on detonated attacks taken from Cyberfish or other protection engines.

Highly Targeted

Cyberfish knows whom to target with which content, based on their position, department and industry.

Total Simulation

Phishing websites, mediator pages, impostor emails (BEC, CEO Fraud), hidden ransomware, in-attachment phishing, and in-link awareness.

Mobile First

Cyberfish offers reporting button that works on any mobile device, as well as mobile-compatible training and campaigns.

Cloud and On-Premise

Fast deployment, simple configuration, low-touch support and maintenance

Advanced Reporting

Detailed and aggregated reports, scoreboards, periodic emails and executive reports.

Supporting Cloud and On-Premise Email

Plug-N-Play Deployment, Out-of-Band Setup, Low-Touch Support.

Google G-Suite

MS Office 365 Family

On-Premise MS Exchange

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