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Cyberfish is the best phishing protection solution designed for MSPs and SMBs

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Phishing Can Be Solved

Forget about outdated URLs Blacklists, IP Reputation and Keyword Scoring.

Cyberfish combines Computer Vision and AI technology to quickly and accurately detect ALL phishing attacks.

Visual Analysis

Cyberfish "looks” at emails and pages, and analyze their actual visual representation to detect impersonation.

Real-Time Analysis

New, just created, malicious websites and emails are detected and blocked on the fly, before they are opened by their intended recipient.

Total Employee Protection

Phishing websites, mediator pages, impostor emails (BEC, CEO Fraud), hidden malware and ransomware, in-attachment phishing.

Custom Mitigation

Configurable rules for incident management control, including integration with top SOC and SIEM providers.

Cloud and On-Premise Email

Fast, server-side, non-proxy, out-of-band deployment, with low-touch support and maintenance

Advanced Reporting

Detailed and aggregated incident reports delivered via dashboard, periodic emails and executive reports.

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